Why no one should support the dog breeding industry

We have all heard of dog breeding, but do we really know what is going on behind the scenes or just how bad it is?

Here’s why no one should support the dog breeding industry.


Dogs are bred for profit on both a large industrial scale and on a small scale, from unhygienic mills to claustrophobic backyards. In the dog breeding industry, many dogs are cramped in dirty crates and cages small for their size, making them develop bone structural problems and other disfigurements. They are chained to trees with no protection from harsh weather and can easily become ill, but they are denied veterinary care. We know dogs to be fun, loving and playful animals, but these dogs have no life left in them. They spend their days alone until they are sold and do not know how to socialise with other dogs. They were simply born to make the breeder a quick wad of cash.


Dog breeders exacerbate the animal overpopulation crisis and animal homelessness. Neutering dogs hardly exists in the world of dog breeding and so bred dogs end up having litters of their own. In only six years female dogs can produce 67,000 puppies. Once the female dog is too exhausted to produce more pups she is deemed as useless and is sent off for auction or is even killed. Dogs are often euthanized because there simply aren’t enough homes for them. For dogs that get to live longer, it is a life of suffering on the streets. They are hit by cars or attacked by other animals and are susceptible to disease and may get caught up in natural disasters. At the moment there are no stringent laws that regulate how many animals people can breed and how often they can breed them. This unfortunately means that these dodgy and cruel practices can survive and thrive.

Dogs as the latest cute accessory to own

Breeders do not care about the health and well-being of the pups they are producing or the parents of the pups. All they are concerned about is making money. Every year there are trends that come and go around particular breeds and dog breeders produce dogs at an